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Bajiaozhai Scenic Area, an essence of China Danxia peak forest, is located in the south of Langshan National Park. Bajiaozhai Peak, named from its form of eight turnup horns, is a typical Danxia mesa at elevation of 818 meters. Standing on the top with three steep cliffs, you can view a panorama of Danxia landscapes characteristic of densely dome-liked peak forests at mature stage and superlative natural beauty.

Pepper Peak

Pepper Peak Scenic Area is an excellent representative of Danxia peak clusters and a concentrated place of Danxia picturesque landscapes such as Camel Peak, Candle Peak, Pepper Peak and so on.

Camel Peak is a wonder of Danxia landscape, which is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides, 188 m high and 273 m long. Candle Peak, a huge Danxia peak similar to a red huge candle with cone-shaped top and cylindrical body, is 199 m high and 400 m in a circumference. On the foot of the east cliff of Candle Peak, there is an inclined huge rift about 100 m long and 0.4~1.8 m wide.

Fuyi River

Fuyi River, originated in Mountain Mao’er in Guangxi Province, boasts of crystal-clear water and ranges from 70 to 100 m in width. Its banks are decorated with the odd peaks and bizzarre stones,green willows and beautiful flowers. This Scenic Area covers an area of 24.93 square kilometers and includes numbers of scenic spots such as General Stone, Jade Lane, Turtle Stone, Warship Stone, Woodpecker Stone and so on.

Tianyi Lane

It is famous for the well developed narrow lane and linear valley, nine linear valleys of different size were discovered within one square kilometer. Its main scenic spots include Tianyi Lane, Yuxian Lane, Mati Lane and so on, having an area of 6.5 square kilometers.


Zixiadong , a long and quiet gorge, is famous for the violet lights which reflected by the rare and red cliffs under the setting sun.

Natural Bridge

Its main scenic spots include Natural Bridge, Shuibo Lane, Xiaochuan Rock, Xieyang Valley, Longyan Wall, Mishaizhai, Liupu Cliff, Baimianzhai, Neolithic Site, Dog-head Stone and so on, having an area of 9.77 square kilometers. These sceneries have taken shaped due to the geologic process in water downward erosion and gravitational collapse.

Tangjiaba Natural Bridge, a red and majestic stone bridge with a simple hole, is 64 m long of bridge span , 20 m of arch height, 14 m wide of bridge road and 5 m of thickness.