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Historic Culture

Langshan boasts a long history and profound cultural deposits, including Baimiaanzhai neolithic sites more than 4000 years ago, ancient battlefields and towers witnessing peasant uprising of past ages, residential building groups of Jiangnan style in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, numerous ancestral temples and tombs of senior officials in the late Qing Dynasty, as well as colorful folk customs represented by Xinning Yanying boxing, a Chinese intangible cultural heritage in sports, Xinning “Tiao Gu Tan” of the Batongyao nationality, an intangible cultural heritage of Hunan Province, etc.

Traditional food in Langshan

Langshan dish is a component of Hunan cuisine
Spicy flavor is typical feature of Hunan cuisine. The delicious local dish can be found not only in the downtown restaurant, but also in the farmhouse restaurant near by the scenic area, such as Plasma Duck, Braised Chicken, Tree Flavors of One Goose, Braised Turtle in Clear Soup, Pork Blood Balls, Bacon and Sausage, Fuyi Fish, Fern strips, Wild Bamboo Shoots,etc.

Bajiaozhai Cableway

Bajiaozhai Passenger Cableway is 1160m long in total and has nine supporting trestles along the line, with vertical height difference of 353.5m and transporting speed of 1m/s. Langshan Bajiaozhai Cableway consists of 126 mono-cable loop-type double cars with fixed grips, which is tailored for lovers and capable of carrying 360 persons per hour. It is safe, comfortable, steady and fast to take the cableway.

Fuyi River Rafting

Fuyi River rafting is even more pleasing, whereby one boats on blue waters and answers another with a love song, with green hills and trees and flourishing farmlands stretching like a piece of brocade on both banks, wandering on a river of clear water and meandering among picturesque peaks and rocks; at this moment, waters are integrated into mountains and visitors have fun together with fishes and birds.