Pepper Peak

Pepper Peak Scenic Area is an excellent representative of Danxia peak clusters and a concentrated place of Danxia picturesque landscapes such as Camel Peak, Candle Peak, Pepper Peak and so on.

Camel Peak is a wonder of Danxia landscape, which is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides, 188 m high and 273 m long. Candle Peak, a huge Danxia peak similar to a red huge candle with cone-shaped top and cylindrical body, is 199 m high and 400 m in a circumference. On the foot of the east cliff of Candle Peak, there is an inclined huge rift about 100 m long and 0.4~1.8 m wide.

There are numbers of dense Danxia peaks with two levels of planation surface from 400 m to 600 m at altitude. Standing on the top of Camel Peak, you can view a pastoralism which blends traditional farming, countryside houses with Danxia landscapes and displays a harmonious picture of human and nature.