Traditional food in Langshan

Langshan dish is a component of Hunan cuisine
Spicy flavor is typical feature of Hunan cuisine. The delicious local dish can be found not only in the downtown restaurant, but also in the farmhouse restaurant near by the scenic area, such as Plasma Duck, Braised Chicken, Tree Flavors of One Goose, Braised Turtle in Clear Soup, Pork Blood Balls, Bacon and Sausage, Fuyi Fish, Fern strips, Wild Bamboo Shoots,etc.

Fine gift for family and friends
Cervus Nippon series products: Velvet antler, Deer blood wine, Semifluid extract of deer foetus, Penis Cervi, etc.
Tea series products: Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb Tea, Hehuan Tea, Yunwu Tea, Sancao Tea, etc.
Green food products: Pteridium aquilinum root powder, Pteridium aquilinum noodle, Wild bamboo shoots, Wild mushroom, lilium brownie, arrowroot, Sweet potato slices, Canned orange, etc.
Food cooked in soy sauce: Chinese bacon, sausage, dried fish, bean curd, Chilli sauce, salted duck, etc.
Fresh fruit: Navel Orange, Orange, water chestnut, kiwi fruit, etc.