Useful Tips

Prepare for your Langshan trip with our practical tips. Learn about our currency, how to call home, keep safe, shop responsibly and travel with a disability. Then you’re ready to go.

China’s currency is Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) and currency exchange is available at banks and international airports. Local shops doesn’t accept credit card.

Emergency assistance
The emergency number for police is 110,for ambulance is 120,for fire brigade is 119,for traffic police is 122.

Rafting and Cableway safety
Langshan’s popular entertainment items was Fuyi river Rafting and Bajiaozhai should obey the arrangement of Managerial Staff, and follow the notes.

China’s official language is Chinese. However, being a multiethnic nation, Chinese is one language with dialects.we also enjoy a tremendous diversity of cultures.

Communication and Free WiFi
China’s country code is 86. Local calls usually charged based on time.Mobile phone network coverage is available across Langshan. Internet access is widely available at internet cafes, accommodation and libraries.Langshan north gate and each entrance of the scenic spot has free WiFi coverage, select the WiFi network ChinaNet-LS,open your IE and visit any site,then you will see the authentication page,enter your cellphone number,and get the user code from your message.

Accessible Travel
If you have a disability and are planning to explore Langshan, there is a host of services and special deals to meet your needs. Thorough preparation is essential to a successful trip, so speak to your travel agent about your specific requirements.