Fuyi River

Fuyi River, originated in Mountain Mao’er in Guangxi Province, boasts of crystal-clear water and ranges from 70 to 100 m in width. Its banks are decorated with the odd peaks and bizzarre stones,green willows and beautiful flowers. This Scenic Area covers an area of 24.93 square kilometers and includes numbers of scenic spots such as General Stone, Jade Lane, Turtle Stone, Warship Stone, Woodpecker Stone and so on.

General Stone, standing erectly on the east bank of Fuyi River, is 75 m in hight and 40 m in circumference. From a distance it looks like a powerful general neighing towards the sky.Woodpecker Stone, 90 m high, is vividly shaped like a Woodpecker devoting itself to deinsectization.Warship Stone spans from east to west, and raises his head for looking at Fiyu River. Clear water, green trees, picturesque peaks contribute to the unique view of Fuyi River. The eye-feasting landscape will never disappoint you.