Tianyi Lane

It is famous for the well developed narrow lane and linear valley, nine linear valleys of different size were discovered within one square kilometer. Its main scenic spots include Tianyi Lane, Yuxian Lane, Mati Lane and so on, having an area of 6.5 square kilometers.

Tianyi Lane is 238.8 m long, 80 ~ 120 m high and 0.33 ~ 0.8 m wide. Once at its bottom, you will find a ray of sky on your head and bare cliffs standing erect on both sides as if they had been cut by an axe. It was named as No.1 Lane in the World by Chen Guoda, who is both a Chinese Academy of Science and a first grade professor of Central South University.

When visit at Mati Lane, Yuxian Lane, Cuizhu Lane, you will enjoy yourself so much among the charming sceneries as to linger on with no thought of leaving for home. When traveling follow the moon-picking stairs, you will feel that you can touch the moon in the sky .Upon standing on Wanjiang Storey, you will find yourself carried away in involuntary admiration by the overpowering endless vistas.