Bajiaozhai Cableway

Bajiaozhai Passenger Cableway is 1160m long in total and has nine supporting trestles along the line, with vertical height difference of 353.5m and transporting speed of 1m/s. Langshan Bajiaozhai Cableway consists of 126 mono-cable loop-type double cars with fixed grips, which is tailored for lovers and capable of carrying 360 persons per hour. It is safe, comfortable, steady and fast to take the cableway.

On sunny days, bathed in sunshine, you can look down in the cableway and have a panoramic view of red cliffs of Danxia, which seems to be ten thousand horses galloping, thus enabling you to enjoy an unprecedented visual feast. While on overcast or rainy days, with clouds and mist pervading the sky, you take the cableway to run across the clouds, as if wandering in the fairyland on earth, which is too wonderful to describe.