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Hongji Huatian Hotel

Xinning’s Landmark and Pearl of Langshan

Hongji Huatian Hotel, located at the intersection of Langshan Avenue and Shunhuang Avenue in Xinning County, Hunan Province, neighbors Langshan Mountain Scenic Area, a world natural heritage. It is a comprehensive luxury hotel invested by Hunan Hongji Investment Group Co., Ltd. and operated and managed by Hunan Huatian International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Tour Route

From Guangxi to Langshan:
Beihai(Nanning,Liuzhou)(Expressway)—Guilin(45 km of Grade 1 highways)—Xing’an(45 km of secondary road)—Ziyuan(70 km of secondary road)—Xinning(Langshan).

From Xiangxi to Langshan:
Huaihua(88km of Hukun expressway)—Zhushi(33 km of secondary road)—Wugang(44 km of Secondary road)—Xinning(Langshan).

Useful Tips

Prepare for your Langshan trip with our practical tips. Learn about our currency, how to call home, keep safe, shop responsibly and travel with a disability. Then you’re ready to go.

China’s currency is Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) and currency exchange is available at banks and international airports. Local shops doesn’t accept credit card.

Emergency assistance
The emergency number for police is 110,for ambulance is 120,for fire brigade is 119,for traffic police is 122.