Langshan Tourism

Langshan,located in Xinning County, Shaoyang City of Hunan Province, has been granted as national protective designations: National Park, National Natural Heritage, National Geopark. Langshan literally means Excellent Mountains in Chinese. Langshan National Park covers an area of 108 square kilometers, including six scenic areas, namely, Bajiaozhai, Chili Peak, Tianyi Lane, Fuyi River, Zixiadong and Natural Bridge. As one of the most classic and graceful Danxia landscapes in China, Langshan enjoys the reputation of the soul of Danxia.

Langshan National Park, characterized by Danxia peak clusters and peak forests at mature stage, is a concentrated place of all kinds of Danxia landform types such as Danxia cliff, Danxia peak, Danxia mesa, stone column, stone wall,Danxia valley, Danxia cave, and so on.

Langshan lies in subtropical zone, so its climate is mild and humid. Its temperature is agreeable all the year round, neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, averaging 17 degrees centigrade. It has an average 1382 hours sunshine time per year and a normal rainfall about 1350 millimeters for years, and these help make Langshan fit human habitation.

Ticket Price

Route A :RMB 220(Available to Tianyi Lane, Pepper Peak, Bajiaozhai, Zixiadong and Drifting in Fuyi River)
Route B :RMB 170(Available to Tianyi Lane, Pepper Peak, Bajiaozhai, Zixiadong)
Route C :RMB 120(Available to Drifting in Fuyi River)


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